Gorbel Partnership

For years MHI has partnered with GORBEL to provide material handing solutions for a long list of customers throughout Iowa and the Midwest. MHI has the ability to help you select the proper crane for your application and integrate it into your facility. MHI can provide support from the conceptual phase all the way through installation, and provide service and support after the crane is commissioned. Whether you require a single jib, or a freestanding structure with multiple bridges, MHI can assist you.

MHI Provides sales, installation and support for the entire Gorbel line Including:


Free Standing and Wall Mounted Jib Cranes


Ceiling Hung and Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes


G-Force Intelligent Lifting Devices


Gorbel Fall Arrest Systems


Cleveland Tramrail High Capacity, High Duty Cycle Crane Systems

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